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Welcome to CoinBlast - World's first Cryptocurrency Bidding & Social Wealth Platform where Technology & Competition meet the Business.

What is CoinBlast?

CoinBlast offers the highest quality global cryptocurrency auctions and an revolutionary selling system, providing you with the opportunity to grow your portfolio by buying and aquiring cryptocurrencies at the lowest prices. Create an account and enjoy the benefits of our highly effective online social wealth multiservice platform.

Earn money with CoinBlast, continuously increasing your income. Join CoinBlast and start building your financial empire today.

Daily Profit:

CoinBlast lets you earn money by taking part in growing CoinBlast revenue, which increases your income all the time. The profit that you receive every day is the part of the income generated by the CoinBlast Ecosystem.
Start earning with CoinShares today.

Business Turnover:

PowerPanel is a modern system that connects many business partners within a hierarchical structure. Receive benefits in the form of commissions on sales of CoinBlast ecosystem products and services.
Create your own business from as little as $10

You win!
+1,200.00 USDT

The world's first cryptocurrency bidding platform, where people from around the globe can purchase cryptocurrencies and other products at up to 95% off their market price through Smart Auctions.
Bid, compete, earn and have fun!

Earn on Auctions, CoinShares and PowerSales. Earn money with Coinblast - we share profit with our users.

Business Turnover: $85,470.90
Daily Profit: $851.62
You win! +2.700 USDT
  • Buy currencies up to 95% off the price
  • Earn on having shares in Cryptocurrency Auctions
  • Build your own empire with PowerSales system

We pay every day.

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Enjoy the Benefits?

World's first and the largest Social Wealth Multiservice Platform. With a player-and-shareholder-centric approach, CoinBlast is able to satisfy millions of clients across the globe. CoinBlast has its priority set on its community, ensuring an everlasting and endlessly entertaining bidding experience combined with revolutionary & lucrative business model.

What profit do we share and what is our main revenue stream?

CoinBlast Sources of Income - Simple and Stable Ecosystem

Auction Platform

The world's first cryptocurrency bidding platform, where people from around the globe can purchase cryptocurrencies and other products at up to 95% off their market price through Smart Auctions.

Smart Selling

CoinBlast generates revenue from retail sales by selling hundreds of different products daily through the smart-auctions model. With a worldwide scale, the potential for future revenue is unlimited.


Acquiring shares in Auctions (CoinShares) in Coinblast lets you earn money by taking part in growing CoinBlast revenue, which increases your income all the time. The funds you receive are part of the income generated by the CoinBlast Ecosystem.


PowerPanel is a modern system that connects many users within a hierarchical structure. Create your own business and receive benefits in the form of commissions on sales of CoinBlast ecosystem products.

Product Packs

CoinBlast Product Packs (Membership) come with various benefits, including extra BIDs for auctions, higher ranks, extra ad impressions within the Social Network, as well as more favorable commission rates and higher limits within the CoinBlast platforms.

Future Plans

We are continuously working on expanding and enhancing our ecosystem to provide you with the most innovative and robust tools to build your unlimited life.

CoinBlast Auctions - Bid, Win & Earn

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Blog & News

Discover the latest happenings at CoinBlast. Stay in the know with our Blog & News section – your go-to source for updates, insights, and exciting opportunities. Explore CoinBlast and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Yahoo Finance: Innovative Cryptocurrency Bidding and Social Wealth Platform Unveiled


Pioneering the First Global Crypto Auctions and Multi-Service Social Wealth Network

In an age where financial technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, CoinBlast emerges as a groundbreaking force, unveiling the world’s first and largest Cryptocurrency Bidding and Social Wealth Platform. With a unique blend of technology, competition, and business acumen, CoinBlast is set to redefine the landscape of cryptocurrency trading and wealth building.

Unraveling CoinBlast: A Multifaceted Platform – A gateway to the most competitive cryptocurrency auctions and a revolutionary selling system, CoinBlast offers users the extraordinary opportunity to acquire cryptocurrencies at prices significantly below market rates. The platform not only facilitates the purchase of digital currencies through Smart Auctions but also allows users to actively engage in a vibrant social wealth network, continuously enhancing their financial portfolios.

Smart Auctions – As the cornerstone of CoinBlast, Smart Auctions present a thrilling auction experience where global participants can procure cryptocurrencies and other products at discounts up to 95%. This innovative auction model ensures a dynamic competitive environment, making the acquisition process both enjoyable and economically advantageous.

CoinShares – At the heart of CoinBlast’s revenue-sharing model lies CoinShares, a mechanism allowing users to acquire shares in the auctions. Participation in CoinShares results in a proportional increase in personal income, derived from the ongoing growth of CoinBlast’s comprehensive ecosystem. This model promises not just earnings, but a stake in the expanding future of cryptocurrency auctions.

PowerPanel – PowerPanel introduces a modern, hierarchical system connecting numerous business partners. Starting with as little as $10, users can establish their own business networks within CoinBlast, earning commissions from the sales of products and services across the ecosystem. This structure empowers individuals to create and scale their business ventures in the burgeoning digital economy.

The CoinBlast Network: A Convergence of Technology and Community
CoinBlast Network – This modern social network is seamlessly integrated with all CoinBlast services, offering a robust platform for business professionals worldwide to connect. It features encrypted chat, video conferences, and the ability to post ads and monetize user activity, thus fostering a community of engaged, like-minded individuals.

Future Prospects and Ongoing Developments
CoinBlast is committed to continuous innovation and expansion. The platform plans to enhance its ecosystem with more sophisticated tools and services designed to provide users with the means to build an unlimited life of wealth and opportunity. Through strategic development and user-centric initiatives, CoinBlast aims to maintain its position at the forefront of the cryptocurrency auction and social wealth industry.

CoinBlast stands as a revolutionary platform where technology meets business in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading. By merging competitive auctions, a profit-sharing business model, and a comprehensive social network, CoinBlast not only offers a platform for buying cryptocurrencies at reduced rates but also provides a structured path to wealth creation and financial empowerment. Join CoinBlast today, and start building your financial empire in the limitless world of cryptocurrency.

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New CoinShares Marketing Plan - Unleash The Potential of Your Finances!


We have just published the new CoinShares Marketing Plan and PowerPanel Presentation, presented during the Zoom conference. Our digital learning materials are now much more user-friendly and convenient for conferences, events, webinars, and Zoom calls, helping to spread the most important knowledge about CoinBlast platforms across the world. Download the new "How-to-Earn-with-CoinBlast" materials and enjoy the power of the Coinblast Social Wealth Platform.💫🚀

Download: Marketing Plans and PowerPanel Presentation i our Marketing Section:

What is more... CoinShares academy starts in a few days!🚀

💫Make Your Life Unlimited with!⭐️

CoinBlast Headquaters is now in Hong Kong!


We are pleased to announce an important strategic development at CoinBlast. As part of our ongoing commitment to global expansion and operational excellence, CoinBlast relocated (as promised) its headquarters to Hong Kong, with COINBLAST Limited, company number 76389624, in one of the world’s preeminent financial centers.

New Corporate Headquarters:
This relocation marks a significant milestone in our journey. Hong Kong's robust financial ecosystem and strategic location offer an advantageous platform for CoinBlast to enhance our service offerings and expand our market reach.

Expansion of Presence: CoinBlast is pleased to announce the opening of two new offices in Seoul and Manila, both major financial centers in Asia with significant global influence. These strategic expansions will enable us to further strengthen our relationships with partners and enhance our community engagement through educational meetings, business planning sessions, and more. We look forward to welcoming our partners and community members to these new locations, fostering closer collaboration and continued growth.

Platform Enhancements, New Products Launches, Macau Auction Center and more are on the way!

We appreciate the continued support from our community and coinshares holders as we enter this exciting new chapter in Hong Kong. Stay connected with us for further updates.

💫Make your Life Unlimited with⭐️

CoinBlast 1st Anniversary News and Plans for the Following Years


Thank you for joining our 1 Year Anniversary Conference, we didn't expect such a turnout!

Firstly, we'd like to congratulate Fabian Melzer (FabianMx🇩🇪) for receiving the Car Bonus - BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe!

Congratulations also to the 5 live auction users who won the Product Pack $1,000 with Royal Matrix and a whopping 10,000 BIDs to use in auctions. Here are the winners:



➡️In summary: What's new at CoinBlast?

CoinBlast Network - New
1. In Q2/2024, which has just begun, as promised, we will launch a new version of CoinBlast Social Network - a place where crypto enthusiasts and businesspeople from around the world can connect in one place.

PowerPanel - Upgrade
2. We've launched a new version of PowerPanel which is much more user-friendly and easy to understand. The new PowerPanel also includes a built-in tutorial and easy and enjoyable navigation through Matrix structures.

Auctions - New Experience
3. The CoinBlast auction platform will soon see new products, and our users will be able to bid on items in the categories of Electronics & Computers, Gadgets, Hobbies, Toys & Games, Gift Cards, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home, and Motors! Seize the world through cryptocurrencies!

Future products:

4. CoinBlast’s CBC (CoinBlast Coin) based on Solana technology is set to be released in 2025. CBC will rule the ecosystem, responsible for ultra-fast, cost-effective, and precise operation of auctions, dividends generated and paid out through each purchased share in auctions, as well as settlements within the CoinBlast ecosystem. Stake CBC and get benefits on it - lower fees, higher ranks, extra features on all CoinBlast platforms.

5. CoinBlast Mobile Apps - Our community awaits CoinBlast mobile apps and we are aware of that. We will start working on mobile apps right after achieving previously planned goals. We want our mobile apps to be an all-in-one app, where everyone can manage their CoinBlast accounts and profiles in the simplest and most enjoyable way possible. More information TBA

Company & Corporate:

6. CoinBlast will change its headquarters from St. Vincent & the Grenadines (previous operator: Coinspace LLC) to one of the world's financial centers - Hong Kong, in Q2/2024. The new operator of the service and the parent company will be the entity: Coinblast LLC. After the change of jurisdiction, our team will take steps towards opening a physical CoinBlast auction center in Macau - the world capital of entertainment, gaming, and betting.

🚀We're thrilled about the exciting developments ahead at CoinBlast! Stay tuned for more updates and innovations as we continue to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency. Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in our journey. Together, let's shape the future of finance with!⭐️🎉

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